Take Control of Your Own Destiny Using Pitra Dosha Calculator

Another year is Drawing to a close and many of us find ourselves looking back over the last twelve months, reminiscing what could have happened if we’d had the guts to start that new job or had the foresight to have seen what a dreadful year it was financially. What to talk about this horrible relationship, that you just knew was going to be the love of your life! If we are constantly worrying about the past, believing it to have made the gift not satisfying, it will do that.

A Excellent pitra dosha calculator might have foreseen all these things. Using an astrological horoscope is supposed to be practical, not something which is mystical and vague. The astrologer offers you a tool, a priceless map which can enable you to make those vital decisions. It will enable you to make fewer errors and better decisions, in every area of your life. We can make plans and set goals to achieve success in all spheres of our lives. An astrological chart gives us a cosmic outlook, which is obtained with an accurate birth time, place of birth and date. Just as a doctor comes to the decision of the possible course and outcome of a disease, the astrologer can predict how aspects of our lives will grow, give us the time to sit out and wait or strike while the iron is hot.

The Vedic birth chart should cover all aspects of life:


  • Vedic astrology can Foresee probable ailments and weaknesses in a person’s chart. To be forewarned is to be prepared and allows the situation to be avoided or reduced. For example you might have a weak lungs or chest, so smoking would not be a fantastic idea.
  • By looking at the Astrological graph we can ascertain what metabolic type you are as is often used in Ayurveda.
  • Mental and emotional Health, are frequently a cause of frustration for the ones that practice allopathic medicine. Badly placed planets can occasionally cause severe depression and therapeutic measures unique to Vedic astrology are often employed.
  • It can enable us. And stress can be relieved just by knowing what you are dealing with.


Before getting into A significant relationship, compatibility charts can be done to ensure decent compatibility before committing.  For those who have Been in an long-term relationship that is growing sour, the astrologer can translate the qualities and characteristics each spouse has and what buttons to not push. With adequate counseling a connection can be saved. Alternately, if the venture is doomed, having the graphs read can give the people confidence to proceed with their lives.  We often think of Compatibility graphs being done for union, but they are also done for Potential business partners, also.