A Guide to Living and Working in Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC is Canada’s third-largest city and prides itself on its cosmopolitan culture. The ever-growing city offers an eclectic blend of different cultures, which is why so many people from all walks of life enjoy living in this place. As a result, there are hundreds of reasons to visit Vancouver. From taking in the sights at night to enjoying some yoga class with friends, Vancouver BC has something to offer anyone. In this article, you will learn about some of the top attractions when visiting this amazing place.

A Guide to Living and Working in Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC is one of the best places to go during your Vancouver tour. It is a vibrant, fast paced and fun city to be a part of. Vancouver, a vibrant west coast port in western Canada, is amongst Canada’s densest, most diverse cities. A popular filming destination, it has lush mountains, beautiful sea front property and thriving art, music and dance scenes. Vancouver Art Gallery is renowned for its important works by local artists, while the Museum of Anthropology house preeminent indigenous collections.

When it comes to attractions, Vancouver is ranked high. Among them is the Burrard Bridge, a renowned span over the Burrard River that links the city to the Fraser River. The bridge is one of the most striking features of the city, particularly at night. For those who love to hike, there is the Stanley Park. You can also try out a host of outdoor activities while on a Vancouver BC tour, like kayaking down the Gastown Waterfront or taking a walk along the Sky Train. If you are interested in history, you can consult with the Vogue Historical Tours or get to know the city better from their Walking Tour.

As a new home to countless expats, many foreign residents are settling in Vancouver BC. Expats tend to find the city’s culture and way of life appealing. You can join an expat group in Vancouver and visit the many sites popular with expats like the Georgia Hotel, where you can have a lovely soak in the pool during the winter. For the more energetic ones, you may try a cycling tour. Or, you may just want to try out the popular Wheel-of- Fortune gaming in Granville.

In addition to the exciting outdoor activities, Vancouver BC offers you a quieter way to spend your days. For the shopping freaks, the Granville Shopping Centre is the right place to be. The Centre features a vast parking lot where you can park your car and easily find what you are looking for. There are also many indoor attractions and tours available, like the Scotiabank Theatre or the Pacific Science Centre, to name a few. If you love playing in the water, there is also the Alexander Dymond Park, with its beach and Click to read more.

The third main attraction when it comes to moving to Vancouver BC is the Theatre Passe Muraille, or Theatre Passe in English. This is actually the oldest theatre in Canada and has been attracting visitors from all over the world since it opened in 1869. You can catch a play or musical that runs on the sands, along with events such as the Canada Day Parade. Or, if you just want to sit and enjoy the view of the city, the Performing Arts Centre may be a good place for you.

Moving to Vancouver BC does not mean that you have to be without entertainment. You can check out the fine theatres available in town. Many local theatres also offer free guided tours of their theatres, which you should take advantage of. These tours are usually available several times during the week. You can also enjoy various sporting events in Vancouver BC. Check out the Vancouver Canucks, the B.C. Lions, or the Boston Bruins as some of your sporting opportunities in moving to this lovely city.

The area of Chinatown is a great place to move to and live. There is a great concentration of people who work in the downtown area. You can get around the city easily by taking a bike ride, taking the subway, or using one of the public transportation systems. You can even hire a car if you are moving to this area. By moving to Canada, you can easily live and work in one of the best cities in the world.