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A Singapore was an important center of the pineapple canning market, although Of Tropical Singapore Not a lot of folks know this. Until Christopher Columbus brought them to Europe across the Atlantic by 1493 pineapples originated from South America.  In actuality, Vishnu city, in the northern portion of the island used to be an enormous rubber and pineapple plantation owned by Lim Nee Soon, better called the ‘Pineapple King’. The excess pineapples were canned and exported throughout the world, which became one of the oldest businesses of Singapore, providing jobs. Together with Singapore becoming pot for immigrants and colonials, food cultures begun to intertwine along with the pineapple tart was created. These bites are an amalgamation of influences in Singapore: a European biscuit base topped with spices such as cloves star anise and cinnamon, native to the region of the world.

pineapple tarts singapore

In Hocking and Cantonese, pineapple is known as ‘ong lai’, which literally means ‘fortune come’. The pineapple fruit has been viewed as a sign of prosperity and wealth, such as rolling it into a home to welcome wealth into the 32, used. Pineapple tarts became omnipresent throughout the Lunar New Year since it gained fame for friends and family. Founded in 1983, local bakery KELE has been devoted to baking these pastries with the best ingredients and procedures without additives, preservatives or colouring. It is Pineapple Tarts, atop a biscuit base with pineapple jam’s dollop, and its Golden Pineapple balls have won palates and hearts. Last year, KELE has unveiled its stylish new packaging with young modern illustrations, which makes it an ideal souvenir of Singapore for gifting to seeing family and friends, and to loved ones throughout the festive Chinese New Year season.

The Lunar New Year is a joyous event that invites harmony and celebrates prosperity. The color red has been a representation of security for family members during this season. This season, KELE adds another layer of symbolism into its award-winning standard pineapple tarts singapore by introducing the auspicious colour of the Spring Festival. Now, the pineapple of KELE tarts not symbolise protection but also prosperity and good fortune and pleasure. The 2018 Rose Pineapple Tart pan of KELE Buttery crust: the inclusion of organic rose powder provides the crust a pink tint evoking the colour of crimson. The notes that are floral include a new dimension of flavour to the pineapple tarts that compliments the sweet and sour pineapple paste. The Rose Pineapple Tarts of KELE are a treat for the senses and a Beautiful gift for any occasion.